Having the Fitnex R70 in your home is much more convenient than driving to and from the gym. This is a very popular machine for rehabbing knees, ankles, and hips. With step-through design and a breathable mesh seat back, the R70 is a one of the most comfortable recumbent bikes on the market today.

The R70 operates on self-generating power, so there is no need for nearby outlets or power cords. This machine has eleven built-in programs and 16 levels of resistance. The display feedback includes time, work level, watts, distance, speed, METS, heart rate, calories. The heart rate is detected by the use of the grips on the machine, or by a wireless hear rate monitor such as a polar strap. A wireless heart rate strap is provided with each bike. The heavy duty frame offers stability for users up to 400 lbs. 

As with all FitDel rentals, service and repairs are included to provide a hassle free experience.