Renting is Easy - Why buy Peloton when you can rent and use the Peloton app or any other you like?  

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Check out our spin bikes available for rent.

Our cutting edge indoor spin bike

The Peloton bike is an attractive bike but is has some deficiencies when compared to the Cascade indoor bikes.

  1. No fore/aft on handlebars - could result in a fit issue for many users
  2. Not a heavy duty bottom bracket
  3. No stretch pads on the bike
  4. The maximum user weight of the Peloton bike is 305 lbs while ours is 350 lbs
  5. The Peloton bike is designed for home use and ours is designed for commercial use.
  6. Warranty - Peloton
    • HD touchscreen - 1 yr
    • Frame - 5 years
    • Bike components - 1 yr
    • Pedals - 1 yr
    • Labor - 1 yr
  7. Warranty - FitDel 
    • Lasts as long as you rent
    • No end date
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Let's talk about costs

    • Price - the price of the Peloton bike is $1,995, plus the delivery and setup fee of $250, plus you are required to purchase 1 year subscription to the classes which is $468, plus you need shoes with Look style cleats which are $125. The grand total is $2,838 for the first year. The on going subscription for each year is $468.
  • What happens when the console becomes dated or fails after 2 years? This could be very costly as a replacement console costs over $750.

    You can rent from FitDel for as low as $45 per month.
    Call FitDel at 512-687-3161 for this limited-time Special Pricing.