At FitDel, we are contacted by customers that have the need for equipment for a period of time to rehab an injury or medical procedure such as a knee surgery. These customers either have to go to a rehab facility or gym to use equipment, but often have difficulty getting there due to the nature of the injury.

The rejoice that we hear: "I can do this at home without having to buy it!?"

Here it gets even better... If you have a Doctor's prescription, the rental payments are tax free.

‚ÄčThat's right. With a prescription from your physician for rehabilitation, you can rent the equipment you need for recovery without paying sales tax. All you have to do is choose the tax exempt option during the FitDel secure online checkout and be able to present your doctor's prescription when you accept delivery.

Take care of your workouts on your own time in your own home or office and avoid the traffic and hassle of going out to a gym.