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It's More Fun With Someone Else!...

Many trainers often recommend working out with a partner to get the best results from your exercise program. The benefits: It's easy to let yourself down by being a no-show at the gym, but it's a lot harder to blow off a buddy who's expecting you to show up. Plus, a training pal will push you to work harder. The trick is finding the right partner for the job.

- Like in many scenarios, working/playing with someone more accomplished than you are can be a great influence to be better yourself. For example, I know when I play golf with someone that is a better golfer than I am, I often "rise to the occasion" and play a better game of golf to fit into the experience. The "better" partner is not only a great inspiration to bring the best out of you, but they may be able to offer experienced tips to better your game. This is true in many examples. Professional athletes play their best games in the playoffs, even musicians play their best when accompany by more accomplished players.

I believe that this translates into a routine workout. When choosing an exercise partner, you might benefit from working out with an experienced fitness expert. This doesn't have to mean that you hire a personal trainer… if your workout partner is less likely to skip or "blow off" a workout, you will be pushed equally to complete your workout schedule and reach better results.

If you really are serious about achieving your fitness goals, stay clear of the deadbeat friend with good intentions… find a workout partner that is better than you at getting the most out of their workout. Be influenced by their regimen and make it your own. Absorb the good habits that they might have created to get the results you seek in your fitness goals. 

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Wednesday, 28 September 2022

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