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Spark Up the Romance with a Couples Workout!

As we all know, some degree of LOVE can be bought with boxes of chocolates and rich romantic dinners. Grab your partner and prepare for that next level of interaction. It's a common fact that a good workout reduces stress, and we could all use a little less stress in our relationships. A regular workout routine develops a sense of pride, accomplishment, and respect for yourself and your partner for the commitment... and that feeling is wonderful to share with your significant other. Not to mention workout clothes can be hot and sexy as well! The more you exercise, the more confidence you have, the better you feel... the sexier you feel!

Couples Workout Benefits

- As a couple, you share many common interests. Add fitness to the list. Your investing in someone you care to be with and you both want to be healthy for the the rest of your life. Your partners support benefits all aspects of your life as well as fitness... praise from your loved one is very important to a lasting relationship.

- Because of our careers, traffic, individual schedules, etc. finding time to spend together can be difficult. Why not include your workout in that quality time? Encouragement from your Sweetheart will greatly help you stick to your workout routine.

- Add variety to your workout by incorporating some of your partner's routine into your own. A women's workout statistically weighs heavily on cardio, as men use more strength training. By working out together, you can try each other's exercises and broaden your own path to fitness. 

Suggestions to get you started

- Whether you only workout at home, or attend a gym as well, create a small circuit. Take turns during timed periods from the AFR cardio equipment to sit-up/push-up or dumbbell exercises, etc. This allows you both a variety of workouts in the same amount of time.

- Stretch together. High power athletes use assisted stretching, and with a partner, you can too. Assisted stretching can be very beneficial.. a little push and hold from your partner can allow you to perform stretches that you would likely not be able to accomplish on your own. Last and certainly not least, who doesn't like putting their hands on their Valentine!

With New Years resolutions still on top of us us, and swimsuit season around the corner... grab your Valentine this month and try furthering your fitness routine while at the same time, strengthening your relationship!

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Wednesday, 28 September 2022

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