A phrase that everyone has said more often than we would like to admit… You really mean it at that moment you say "Someday I'm gonna get into shape". It usually happens when you see that fit person getting all the attention. Being fit sparks a confident personality that is very attractive to others. What about that girl or guy that turns you on, but you feel like they are physically out of your league? With the best of intentions, you reach for another doughnut or order that fast food burger for lunch. You drive past the numerous gyms, but don't think to stop because there is always somewhere you need to be. We make so many excuses to postpone our closet fitness goals… and they all sound like good excuses:

I don't have the time to go to the gym

I feel uncomfortable around the gym crowd

I have too many household chores to do

I have to let the dog out

on and on…

Have you ever known a smoker that doesn't intend to quit?

What if working out at home were an option? "But buying equipment is expensive, will I use it?, what if it breaks?" What if renting quality equipment for a period of time were an option? Think of the possibilities! What if you could fit a complete workout into your day while dinner is in the oven, laundry is going, catching up with your favorite DVR shows, watching the kids, the list goes on!

FitDel.com comes to the rescue! Austin based FitDel (Fitness Delivered) is eliminating these problems to raise your quality of life. Now you can easily achieve a better you without turning your schedule upside down, buying new clothes to look good at the gym, or that home treadmill becoming an expensive coat rack. FitDel offers a complete line of quality equipment that can be delivered to your home or office with white glove service. All you have to do is use it! Gym packages including strength equipment options available. Find out more at FitDel.com