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Xebex AR1 Rower vs Other Indoor Rowers

We compared them side by side and concluded the Xebex Air Rower AR1 is better than the other indoor rowers in the industry. So we've switched to offering the Xebex Air Rower! The Xebex frame is heavier, more stable and sets higher off the ground. The elevated seat rail makes it easier to get on and off. The seat is more comfortable. The foot holders are easier to change. The fan is great. And most importantly the return of the row is smooth as butter.

Here is a closer look at the latest Xebex rower:

Videos - courtesy of GetRX'D and Xebex Fitness

Xebex Air Rower Dimensions:

• Length: 96"

• Width: 13"

• Height: 47"

• Weight: 95 lbs

• Max user weight: 500 lbs


• 95lb heavy duty frame (heavier and more stable than most rowers) is built for commercial and home use.

• 55" monorail is sure to accommodate legs of all lengths.

• Air resistance with damper settings allows you to change resistance from 1-10.

• Chest strap compatible, but not included.

• Seat is 21" from ground to allow easy access on and off of the machine.

• Extra padding on seat provides a comfortable workout.

• Extra padding on handle ensures a no blister routine.

• 1-touch adjustment on footing to accommodate all foot sizes.

• Simple fold-up design cuts the horizontal size in half for easy storage. Includes wheels for easy transport.

Computer Features:

• Large LCD monitor with big buttons.

• Programs allow you to set distance, calorie or time targets.

Workout data includes:

• Time

• Distance

• Watts

• Calories

• Heart Rate

• Paddle Width

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Guest - DrKPMay on Friday, 02 December 2016 09:34

Big fan of the Xebex AR1! Its a great rower and a great full body workout.

Big fan of the Xebex AR1! Its a great rower and a great full body workout.
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