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Don’t Let Travel Disrupt Your Exercise Routine


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Dr. Kyle May, FitDel CEO                                            For Immediate Release: May 29, 2019



Don’t Let Travel Disrupt Your Exercise Routine

  • Travelers often struggle to keep consistent exercise routines
  • Quality equipment is often difficult or impossible to find
  • Celebrities, dignitaries and athletes are among many who rent fitness equipment

Austin, TX: Anyone who has traveled for personal or business reasons knows it can be difficult or impossible to find quality fitness equipment. Travelers also know that if they stop their hard-fought routine, they’ll face an immense struggle to get back into it when they return home. Depending on destination, cultural norms, security, time of year and available amenities, the traveler often finds that there are limited and sometimes zero options to get in a quality workout.

Travelers prefer working out with the familiar high-quality equipment just like at their gym back home. Even travelers with access to an onsite gym can find the equipment broken, poorly maintained and therefore possibly dangerous, dirty or otherwise unusable for a quality workout. This is where a concierge fitness equipment rental service comes into play. For example, travelers to Austin, Texas can order from a wide selection of cardio and strength training fitness equipment and have it delivered to their hotel room, rental property or whatever accommodations they have secured for their stay.

Celebrities, dignitaries and professional athletes are among many who have found that renting fitness equipment during their travels provides consistency to their routines. FitDel’s CEO, Kyle May notes, “We are thrilled to offer our concierge fitness equipment rental services to those visiting Austin for the 100s of events happening here every year. It’s very rewarding to help people continue on their fitness journey. We offer a unique service that allows you to get a treadmill in your hotel room with a couple of taps on your screen.” There are numerous other travel challenges such as delays & cancellations, eating healthy, trying to get quality sleep, jet lag and more. Don’t let the loss of your exercise routine add to the stress of travel.

About FitDel: FitDel exclusively rents commercial and light-commercial fitness equipment. We supply our equipment for events such as tradeshows, product launches, SXSW, research & development and many others. Our concierge rental service is used by short term visitors to central Texas wishing to have easy access to high-quality exercise equipment. B2B customers include HOAs, boutique studios, gyms and other businesses wanting to provide exercise equipment for staff to use. B2C users range from Waco to San Antonio with ever-increasing demand for our services across the US.

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