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Cardio Fitness Equipment Rentals for Your Home
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  • Club Quality Fitness Equipment

  • 100% Service & Maintenance Included

  • Delivered, Installed & Picked up

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Cardio Fitness Equipment


Indoor Cycle (Spin Bike) $52 Rent Now

  • Magnetic resistance system (16 levels)
  • Dual sided SPD pedals

The Cascade CMXPro Indoor Cycle is smooth, rock solid and quiet. The Cascade Pro lets you train with power for top cycling performance. Using a smooth magnetic resistance system, with no friction parts for wear and tear, the Cascade Pro is extremely quiet and low maintenance.


Treadmill $85 Rent Now

  • Health club quality treadmill
  • Large running surface
  • Quckly adjust speed/incline via paddle selectors

The Fitenx T60 treadmill will fit the needs of the running enthusiast.

Profile Matrix LED display, 3 window LED display, scrolling message center. 26 programs.

We will call to review delivery. We cannot deliver to all locations in all residences.


Elliptical $90Rent Now

  • Health club quality elliptical
  • Small footprint
  • Very quiet, smooth operation

The Body Solid E5000 is a commercial quality center drive elliptical that allows a full range of motion in a smaller footprint ideal for hotel rooms, short term rentals, and special deliveries.

This elliptical uses an internal power generator eliminating any external power requirements.

We will call to review delivery. We cannot deliver to all locations in all residences.

E5000 is currently on waitlist.   E70 Elliptical Available Now

Fitness Equipment Rentals, Concept 2 Model D or Body Solid R300 for rent for: Home gym, business, gym, commercial, Vacation Rentals in Austin, TX. Also for sale. Concept model 2 rower

Rower $70 Rent Now

  • Low impact cardio workout
  • Total body workout in a small package
  • Easily moved within a room to create space

The dependable performance of our Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower has made it the best-selling indoor rower in the world.

The Body Solid R300 and Concept 2 Model D rowers' size and maneuverability are ideal for hotel rooms and short-term rentals.

Rowing delivers a high-intensity full-body workout in a short amount of time for those with a busy schedule.


Air Bike (Assault Bike) $70 Wait List

  • Sturdy air bike with no rattle
  • Interval programs for high intensity workouts
  • Multi-grip handlebar design

The Cascade Unlimited Air Bike is designed to be the strongest and most durable air bike ever made.

Air bike design allows the individual to control the intensity as they pedal, push/pull to meet their own fitness objectives.


Upright Bike $80 Rent Now

  • Integrated LCD touch screen
  • Self-powered - no wall power
  • Heavy gauge steel frame

Sturdy steel construction and advanced heart rate control programs replicate a true road cycling experience.

Touch screen controls are easy to use.


Recumbent Bike $80 Rent Now

  • Bi-directional resistance
  • 4-way adjustable reclining seat
  • 16 levels of smooth magnetic resistance

The step through frame design, reclining seat with mesh back, and quiet magnetic resistance, deliver most comfortable, efficient, and effective workouts.

Fixed gear design gives a realistic pedal stroke and real road bike feel whether pedaling forward or backward.


Motorless HIIT Treadmill $70 Rent Now

  • Folding deck to save space when not in use
  • Does not require external power
  • Magnetic brake system for intense workouts

With no power requirements and small footprint, the motorless treadmill is ideal for space &/or power-sensitive deliveries

The 7700 motorless treadmill is extremely versatile accommodating a wide range of high intensity workouts.



Fitness Equipment for rent in Austin TxAll the Details

Free Logistics Consultation

Please call us with your thoughts, plans, concerns, logistics and/or any questions you might have about renting our club-quality fitness equipment.

Delivered, Installed & Picked up.

Delivery/Pickup charge includes: Delivery, Installation and Pickup. Delivery/Pickup charge will be priced at the checkout page. Normal delivery/pickup charges are $50-100 depending on the size and weight of equipment. Our normal delivery area is within 25 miles of FitDel. We deliver in up to a 45-mile radius for an additional $2/mile. Delivery/Pickup charge includes: Delivery, Installation and Pickup.

All Maintenance & Repairs included

No more surprises! All maintenance and repairs are included.

All fitness equipment is thoroughly inspected before delivery. If equipment requires repair due to standard use, it will be promptly repaired at no charge.

Additional Services Available

Special delivery: Outside normal business hours or outside normal parameters, we’re willing to accommodate what you need. Call to discuss arrangements and pricing.

Power Requirements and No Power options:

Treadmills each require a 20 amp circuit. Alternatively, we have motorless treadmills that have no power requirements.

The recumbent bike requires a standard wall outlet to power the monitor.

Quality Fitness Equipment Guaranteed

All our fitness equipment is club quality and commercial grade.

All of our equipment will meet your expectations of quality.


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