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T70 with model MFitnex T70 Treadmill $65/m

The Fitnex T70 Treadmill is the perfect Club Quality Treadmill for your home of business. It has a powerful, whisper quiet 4hp motor that effortlessly changes speed and elevation and can handle riders up to 400lbs. 8 point Elastomer Cushioning System deck is a generous 22” x 62” and perfect for walking or running. Dual Easy-Reach Levers make changing speed and Elevation intuitive and effortless...

Asuna 7700 HIIT Motorless Treadmill For RentRent an Asuna 7700 HIIT Motorless Treadmill $35/m

Solid, stable and smooth. Training to get the right results is what this machine will do. This self-powered treadmill does it all: Sports specific training, general fitness, and rehabilitation. The Asuna 7700 HIIT Motorless Treadmill improves both cardiovascular and muscular fitness...

Body Solid E5000 Elliptical Trainer MRent a Body Solid e5000 Elliptical Trainer $65/m

Solid, stable and smooth. Just what you'd expect from a Light commercial rated Elliptical trainer that's equally at home in your home and most gyms. The patented Center Drive offers super smooth, low impact 21" natural strides, and easy step up height, all in a space-saving design. Programs include...

Cascade Air Bike Unlimited for RentRent a Cascade Unlimited Air Bike $40/m

Designed for commercial fitness facilities, the new Cascade Classic and Unlimited Air Bike models are designed to be the strongest and most durable air bikes ever made. In Air Bike technology, weight and tough construction matters – as users often engage in high intensity total body workouts in and out of the saddle...

Cascade CMXRT Recumbent Exercise Bike for RentCascade CMXRT Recumbent Exercise Bike $45/m

The CMXRT recumbent exercise bike is a fixed gear design that gives you a more comfortable and realistic pedal stroke with 16 levels of smooth magnetic resistance. This lets you get a smooth pedal stroke as you exercise instead of the drag you feel in pedaling traditional recumbent exercise bikes...

Body Solid B5U upright bike logo MBody Solid B5U Exercise Bike $45/m

The Endurance by Body-Solid B5U Upright Bike is the pinnacle of indoor bike exercise. With a light commercial rating the B5U is perfect for most homes and clubs. The ergonomic handlebars combine with the heavy gauge steel frame to replicate a true road cycling experience...

Cascade CMXPro Power Indoor Cycle for rentRent a Cascade CMXPro Power Indoor Cycle $35/m

The Cascade Pro Power lets you train with power for top cycling performance. Using a smooth magnetic resistance system, with no friction parts for wear and tear, the Cascade Pro Power is extremely quiet and low maintenance. The Pro Power console has an easy to read backlit screen that displays watts, heart rate, calories, resistance, speed, cadence, distance, and...

Body Solid R300 Rower  for RentBody Solid R300 Rower $35/m

The Endurance by Body-Solid R300 Indoor Rower delivers an effective low-impact cardio and total body workout. Not only does the rowing movement provide users with high-intensity calorie-burning cardio but works quadriceps, hamstrings, abdominals, obliques, lats, biceps, triceps, hip flexors and more...

Rent a fitnex T60 treadmillFitnex T60 Treadmill $70/m

Our professional model. Includes heart rate control and 26 built-in programs including two Custom Learn programs. All information is displayed on a Profile Matrix LED display console. 19.5”x60” running area. Feedback includes elevation, heart rate, time, speed, calories and distance.

Fitnex e70 elliptical trainer Fitnex E70 Elliptical Trainer $57/m

Give your body a hardy workout without stressing your joints with the Fitnex E70 Elliptical Trainer. Design & Engineering come together in this unique masterpiece of exercise technology. The E70 is a self-generating elliptical machine for low-impact cardiovascular exercise...

Xebex Air Rower AR1 for RentAR1 Xebex Air Rower $35/m

We compared them side by side and concluded the Xebex Air Rower AR1 is better than that Concept 2 Model D and the Concept 2 Model E. So we've switched to offering the Xebex Air Rower! The Xebex has a higher seat height, making it easier to get on and off. It's heavier and more stable in use. The seat is more comfortable. The foot holders are easier to change. The fan is great. And most importantly the return of the row is smooth as butter. ...

fitnex b70 upright bike for rentFitnex B70 Upright Bike $39/m

Our professional model. Self-generating power and eight built-in programs and 16 levels of resistance. Feedback includes time, work level, watts, distance, speed, METS, heart rate, calories.

fitnex R70 recumbent bike for rentFitnex R70 Recumbent Bike $52/m

Get fit with the affordable, commercial grade Fitnex R70 recumbent exercise bike, perfect for improving your cardiovascular health, strengthening your legs, and training for cyclers during inclement weather. This stationary recumbent bike features 16 levels of friction-free magnetic resistance for a smooth, quiet workout.

fitnex x series velocity bike for rentFitnex Velocity Indoor Cycle $31/m

This high-quality bike features a precision-machined, 47-pound flywheel and a belt-driven system that’s quiet and easy to maintain, ensuring a smooth, satisfying ride time and again. The anatomically designed polyurethane foam seat, meanwhile, is comfortable over the long haul–a must for long training rides

body solid functional training center for rentBody-Solid Functional Training Center $50/m

This dual independent weight stack system provides dedicated resistance with true isolateral movements. Core stability training can lead to improved balance, coordination and stability. By efficiently working your body's stabilizer muscles though a limitless number of exercises, the GDCC210 Functional Training Center offers strength-building results to users of all sizes...

PowerBlocks U50 Adjustable DumbbellsPowerBlock U50 Adjustable Dumbbells $25/m

PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells  are the "World's Best Dumbbell." A set of PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells replaces a full rack of traditional dumbbells. Each dumbbell adjusts from 10-50lbs...

body-solid adjustable weight lifting multi-bench for rentBody-Solid Adjustable Multi-Bench $10/m

Features include seven adjustment positions for flexibility and comfort. The 2” x 3” oval tubing ensures durability and support for the heaviest of workouts. Built-in wheels make transport quick and easy and it folds flat for storage under a bed or on end in a closet....

Body Solid Multi-bench 325 commercial for rentFull Commercial Body Solid 325 Adjustable Multi-Bench $15/m

Body-Solid’s new SFID325 Commercial Adjustable bench is designed to meet any facility’s requirements without breaking the bank. Utility benches are a critical part of any commercial or vertical market facility...

BowFlex Adjustable DumbbellsBowflex Adjustable Dumbbells $13/m

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells. Select the Weight You Want with a Turn of the Dial. No more picking up 30 different dumbbells to give you the results you want! With weight that adjusts up to 52.2 lbs., you'll continue to see results as your fitness level improves...

Event and Tradeshow fitness equipment rentals event fitness equipment rentalsEvent & Tradeshow Rentals

Need Fitness Equipment for your Event or Tradshow? FitDel makes it Easy! From hours to days, FitDel has All-Inclusive pricing and we know how to make your event go smoothly.

fitnex x series velocity bike for rentCustom Gym Rental & Short Term Rentals

Every piece of Equipment we offer, in any combinations or quantities you can come up with. You can also rent for any length of time you wish. Simply fill out the form see your price immediately.

fitnex x series velocity bike for rentCommercial & Business Fitness Equipment and Custom Gym Rentals

Every piece of Equipment we offer, in any combinations or quantities you can come up with. Renting equipment for your business? This is the place to go. You can also rent for any length of time you wish. Get your price instantly and rent now.

Rent a Fitnex XE5 Kids elliptical trainer

Fitnex Kids XE5 Elliptical Trainer $31/m

The XE5, the Ideal Kids Elliptical at the right time. Easy to operate, simple, strong, and low maintenance. Displays Time, Speed, Distance, and Calories. A smooth ellipse movement, with manual resistance adjustment against a flywheel offering long life and minimal service. The XE5 provides the low impact cardio exercise that will fit into any school environment...

fitnex xt5 kids treadmill-n

Fitnex Kids XT5 Treadmill $35/m

The Fitnex Kids XT5 Treadmill is built to fit the needs of kids cardio workout. The Fitnex Kids XT5 Treadmill includes a console with LED display and 7 feedback options, along with 4 built in programs. It features an 18” x 52“ running belt and 3/4” thick deck with SDS system cushioning.

rent a fitnex X5 kids indoor cycleFitnex Kids X5 Indoor Cycle $18/m

After years of testing, FMI created a new revolution in the indoor cycle market. Designed especially for the body sizes of children, teens, & Little People from 40″ to 63″. X5 will rapidly become a standard tool for family fitness and weight management.

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